The "Dreamer" is a favorite amongst college students and everyone looking for therapeutic support, on a budget. This mattress contains M36 Genuine Memory Foam and a Removable Cover that can be machine washed! It's a firm feel with all of the body contouring effects of a conventional memory foam mattress but it's constructed of more natural oils. It ships free - usually in three business days from ordering; drop-shipped directly to your door! It arrives in a convenient package and just needs to be unwrapped, unrolled and by the day's end, you're sleeping on a body-contouring, comfortable bed. While its shipping is similar to those very popular poly foam mattresses that are marketed almost solely to college students in dormitories, it contains actual visco-elastic memory foam and still carries a lower price tag. Our clientele has been very satisfied with the Dreamer over the years and we're sure that you will be too.